Gingham trousers

rosie butcher gingham trouser pants 4
rosie butcher gingham trouser pants

I got these pants ( omg - I mean trousers! haha the longer I live in Manchester the more I am picking up the slang) at the beginning of last year. They were an impulse buy because i had never thought I needed gingham trousers in my life before but I saw them in H & M, tried them on and fell in love with how they made me feel. They are now one of my most worn items. I wear them with floaty white tops, black jumpers, band t shirts and chunky boots, sandals and a blue jumper. There are literally so many ways to style them… Let me know if you would like to see more ways on my instagram

When I was back home last weekend I got mum to take a picture of me in my gingham and got a ton of messages asking where to buy them from. As it was about a year and a half ago since I got them these exact ones are no longer online but this weekend I have searched high and low for you for the best gingham trousers I can find on the internet at the moment!

so without further ado… here are the best of the best out there at the moment! affiliate links - this means if you buy anything from clicking these links I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. :)

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