How to get rid of what you don't need!


.. I actually wrote this post in 2016.. can you believe it. It is one of my many blog posts which I have never posted. Now everyone is obsessing with Marie Kondo, (which I just cant get fully on board with. like I get that a clear out is nice every now and then but i honestly think all that folding is taking things to far.. ) and it is the start of the year, it seems apt to share this post now.

One of the main reasons for starting this blog is that I am a shopping addict and with this I may as well let people see what I am buying, instead of just wearing it to work to a crowd who don’t appreciate my fine taste in casual fashion.Over the years I have spent so much on clothes. Each month convincing myself I need certain things when actually when the next month comes, I can’t actually remember what I brought. The worst part of this is that I am also a massive hoarder. I just can’t let go of clothes just in case in a few years time I will NEED those cow girls boots, that blue top I’ve worn once or those jeans which go baggy at the knees within 10 minutes of putting them on. What if in two years time – think if only I hadn’t chucked them out two years ago! So at the moment I’m stuck with wardrobes at mums house, dads house and my own stuffed full with clothes which MUST NOT BE CHUCKED. All this is soon to change. “2017”… now 2019 is the year for being decisive. If I haven’t worn it or every time I put it on I take it right back off, that is it. Its gone. Either to charity,  to the H&M recycle your clothes scheme or if its particularly gross then it goes straight in the bin. One of the main apps I need to get to grips with isDepop. In the world where fashion is fast and people don’t seem to use Ebay quite as much, Depop seems like the next best option. When I have figured it out I shall let you know so you too and have a clear out and sell out.

( I’ve only just realised I’ve got a bit of plant in my hair!! I must have tied it up near that plant and caught some leaf… I’m just going to leave it there and not photoshop it out as its just real life. )

( I’ve only just realised I’ve got a bit of plant in my hair!! I must have tied it up near that plant and caught some leaf… I’m just going to leave it there and not photoshop it out as its just real life. )

How I plan to clear out...

  1. Does anyone else count the price of things by the amount of times you wear them? So if you buy £100 jacket but you’ve worn it 50 times, that’s only £2 per wear… bargain, but if you buy something for £40 which you’ve only worn it once. That’s £40 a wear. Which is not cost effective. I am now going to get rid of all my none cost effective items. Now I know, whenever you buy something you always think you’re going to wear it, it would be stupid to buy something you’re not. To avoid this when I buy something I will leave it in my wardrobe for a week with the labels on. If I have not worn it that week it’s going back. I know when I buy something I love I wear it all week, I don’t take it off so if its not been worn its not for me and its going.

  2. If it doesn't fit, its going. Whether it is too big or too small. Its going. Most mornings I'm in a rush and will just throw something on. Whatever is in my wardrobe needs to be something which compliments my shape and is something I feel good in. I am guilty of having clothes which don't looks good on but I still have them and still wear them if they are there then by the time I've left the house, I cant believe what I've gone out in and its too late to change!

  3. Plan outfits. I pull out all my clothes and outfit them up so I know in advance what I have. If there are items which don't match anything but I love them I can find something which suits them to create an outfit. Any anomalies in the wardrobe which I'm not too bothered about can go to a better home.

  4. If it looks old but you still love it. Just get rid. There is no point in wearing something which looks tired and old, unless you are painting or know for sure no one will be popping over.

If you have any advice for me on Depop let me know! What is your most favourite item and your worst?

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