Sweater Weather

Coco photographed by Rosie Butcher for "Sweater Weather"

Coco photographed by Rosie Butcher for "Sweater Weather"

There comes an age where you start to notice that, although you clearly still have great style, your choices are becoming a little more... well .. practical?  Where I would have once braved the harsh northern temperatures in a dress which looked more like a T shirt. I now like to wear multiple layers of vests, t shirts, long sleeved tees, jumpers and hoodies. So many layers in fact that my boyfriend often wonders if I'm even under all that clothing. 

This year I collected a fair few wonderful jumpers. Jumpers which allow me to wear many layers underneath but hide the fact I am finding wearing quite so much to protect me from the cold. My most worn jumper this season is actually one I brought for a photoshoot and loved it so much I kept it for myself. A simple green knit by H&M which every time I wear I get a comment like "ooo your jumper looks so cosy" as I smugly smile back. 

Model: Coco @jadoremodels

Photography and styling: Rosie Butcher