Sophia Rosemary and why we should all take a leaf out of her book.


20161105-img_9595 I can't remember how I stumbled across Sophia's blog. Probably on a week day night whist sat in front of the TV, scrolling through Instagram's explore page. Something I'm asking myself a lot these days is what makes people stop on a page and decide to follow it? Is it their perfect little squares all colour co ordinated? Is it that I think they are prettier than me? Is it that I like the look of their life over mine?

There are a lot of Instagram's out there now which show a life style living in white rooms with marble counters, wearing tiny dresses in the middle of winter, beautiful breakfast spreads, views across a city from the comfort of their bed whist wearing a white dressing gown. I for one could not live like that. My pristine white clothes would have a stain from breakfast on them, my room would be covered in clothes as I claim I have nothing to wear whist throwing 100 tops across my bed, my white dressing gown would have beige foundation stains and even just this morning I was just putting mascara on like I always do and some how the brush literally flew out my hand and managed to tangle itself in to my hair, not having time to re wash it, I when proceeded to get the mascara out of my hair with a cotton pad drenched in make up remover. Why does no one post about this? These are real life problems! I need someone telling me the best way to get this stuff out my hair! Is what I am seeing really their every day life? Can anyone be that perfect? A lot of people now customise what they show to make it look perfect, which is easy on the eye and bad for the egos of many. It is super important to take everything with a pinch of salt.

I think what made me stop, look and follow Sophia is that her Instagram is real. Her pictures don't look unachievable. The way she styles herself is still something I like to look at and replicate, she looks great in everything but she looks fun, goofy and in most cases has a weather practical style.

I am bringing all this up as recently she posted the photos from our shoot a few weeks ago and addressed this social media problem. On the day of this particular shoot it was bloody freezing and we were stood out in gale force winds trying to get a photo where her trousers weren't blowing everywhere and her hair wasn't in her face. Im not too sure we managed to photograph this perfect shot we were after but you know what.. I think the results are even better.

These photos clearly demonstrate that this outfit can look good no matter what the weather! It has been weather tried and tested just for you!  As well as Sophia ability to still look great even when wind swept.

What do you think?


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