But I don't want to move out?


It was Wednesday, the sun was shining, it was a lovely coincidence that Tom and I were both off on the same day and just as I was putting on my make up, the phone rang… It was our estate agent.

“I’m sure I mentioned this to you before christmas..”  She hadn’t. “ The landlord has decided to sell and the flat will be going on the market on Friday”

Now I’m not sure if it suddenly started pouring with rain outside or if it was just the tears pouring from my eyes but I did not want to move. For all the times I moan about my apartment being too cold, not enough hot water and there no windows facing out, only up (velux) I love our little apartment. The exposed brick work, the high ceilings and that it is Tom and I’s first home together. Over the years we have made it our own and it feels like home… it IS our home. That someone could suddenly wip it away from us came in the blink of an eye came as a bit of a surprise. After discussions on whether we could claim squatters rights and just stay or whether we could buy it ourselves, we reluctantly started looking online for somewhere new.

So now I find myself sat here on the last weekend.. In a living room which is half boxes and half home, feeling a little bit like I’m tredding water. I can’t wait to get in to the new place and start to feel settled again. This last month has gone so fast, but I am exhausted of all the uncertainty, signing paperwork, seeing large amounts of money creep out my account and generally just over worrying!

I decided to take pictures of my favourite parts of our home to look back on and remember one day.

I hope you enjoy seeing in to a little part of our life.


I really wanted some more prints around the house. I saw this wrapping paper in Fig and Sparrow and thought it was too pretty to use as wrapping paper so decided to frame it! It worked well until it kept falling off the wall on to our heads in the middle of the night! So then for the rest of the time it ended up living on the bed side table. When I first moved from London to Manchester, what I was most excited about is being able to afford a gorgeous flat with exposed brick work. My dreams came true in this flat and we had gorgeous brick word, exposed beams which ran through out the apartment. This gold R was a present from Tom, for a birthday I think. I love it so much! I have always been obsessed with antique looking letters. I has previously seen these in Pear Mill in Stockport, he must have gone back to pick them up one day as a surprise!


Our flat is full of photography books. I love looking at them for inspiration! This book with a collection of Duffy's photographs in is one of my favourite. I strongly recommend if you love portraiture! 


The landlord lived in the flat before we moved in and left most of his furniture. This meant that instead of one of the cheep leather sofas that you see in most rented accommodation we had a hugeeee, really comfortable sofa which we all loved. It was almost too comfortable, if you said on it for too long you would find yourself having a nap!  


The chesterfield. The chair of dreams!


At the back of the sofa was my desk. I was forever coming in, throwing my coat and bag on the sofa and sitting down at my desk to check emails, import photos and of course those long days editing! 


When I told Tom I wanted to go to Ikea to find some plants, a rug and a lamp to make the apartment look more homely, I don't think he was that keen. Neither the less he came along for the ride and once we got it all back he couldn't believe how much it transformed the room. This plant has been his pride and joy ever since.