Does blind dating work?



YES ! I believe blind dating does work!

I am a regular watcher of First Dates and The Undateables, but speaking from first hand experience… Yes that’s right. I have successfully set up a friend on a blind date and its worked out.  Now I’m pretty much about to start my own dating agency! I have a 100% success rate and this is probably better then and (I don’t know if any of these sites actually exist so please don’t try them). Therefore this makes me a dating GURU!  Starting a dating night is already in the pipeline. so watch this space and lets see what happens…The successful date ...

I met this guy whilst taking photos of an event. I had taken a picture of him and later on he had asked me to send it to him. Point number one. I now had his email. Whilst chatting away I thought to myself, this guy would be absolutely perfect for my friend! He had all the qualities that she usually looks for (and I’m sure she won’t mind me saying she is bloody fussy!)

Tall, dark and handsome. He was clearly a family man, he had the confidence to hold a conversation and I spotted a bit of humour in there to.

I messaged her explaining I had met someone for about 10 minutes, he seemed nice and does she want to be set up on blind date? -  Picture of him attached of course, she said why not and it all went from there.

I gave him her facebook link so he could contact her. After a week of her checking her inbox thinking that she had been stood up before she had even been asked, she found the email. Unfortunately as they were not Facebook friends the email went in to spam, causing Holly to look like she was playing it cool by not replying. A week later and they were on there first date. One month later and they were going to Hamburg for a long weekend away before Christmas.

Now three months later and they are a perfectly cute couple, when you see them together they are like little best friends. He treats her with flowers, sends bottles of procesco to her hotel room when she was away in New York and treats her how every girl should be treated, like she is the world. It is so good to finally see her with someone who is worthy of her time!

Social media and dating today

In an age where fast past dating is at your finger tips, it becomes harder then ever to find someone you really have a connection with. Everyone has become accessible and disposable.

I saw an interesting you tube video where Steve Barlett, the guy who created the phenomenon which is Social Chain explains what he thinks is "the single biggest killer of relationships". His point is that social media creates a perfect social media relationship with out the arguments and what really goes on behind the scenes. We are constantly seeing an ideal, although in real life no ones relationship is like that.  We are faced with "thousands of filtered faces" and it has become to easy to forget what is real . To watch his video click here!   Although he says relationships are easy to find, I think the social media side of relationships is having a big impact on dating to. You are exposed to so many perfect people on social media that your either comparing yourself to your "competition" which is then causing a loss of self confidence or you are looking at your prefect guy when he might not really be all that.

Some social media dates are successful and as time goes on, we get more and more digital this will slowly become the route which all couples meet.

At the moment I think it is so important to engage with another person in a real life scenario. Talk to people more, try to meet new people and see where it leads you... you never know it might even be to a successful blind date!