Lip fillers - Do or don’t?


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First off I would just like to say I do not have a problem with lip fillers. It was only brought to my attention as someone I used to work with posted on facebook a horrendous picture of her wonky, infected, balloon sized lip- warning others of how lip fillers can go wrong and that she had spent the week in A and E. I’m guessing things didn’t turn out as quite as sexy as she would have liked?


This and that the recent before/after pictures of Megan from love island going round, which, even if you haven't been watching I’m sure you have seen, have been on the top of a lot of people's conversations at the moment. Can you buy yourself prettiness? Most definitely! Can you buy yourself personality of kindness? Apparently not.


So. Lip fillers.


Body enhancements


Cosmetic surgery.


You can find these treatments ready available in local salons, independent beauticians on instagram, on adverts in your side bars, and even on the Tv. Are you telling me this is all because Kylie Jenner enhanced her lips?


Whatever you want to call them. What is going on? And why is this suddenly something which more and more girls are getting done. More and more girls are looking at their own lips and thinking they are too small… Too small compared to what?


I for one do not particularly like my lips. They are small, the bit between my nose and my upper lip is a tad to big, iI think they make me look moody the way they sit. I can not wear red lipstick as it looks like I have just drawn two pencil lines across my face. (although it does make your teeth look whiter!).  Does it bother me that other people are seen as being more attractive because of the size of their lips.  NO.


I haven't read up on all the ins and outs but what scares me is… Where does that filler go? It dissolves? Where? How?  No other generations have injected so much in to their faces, we are the trail, the guinea pigs ( I do not believe animal testing is right). Who knows what we will all look like when we are 80. What effects of what we do now have then… ?


It also scares me that this is what people deem is prettier or more attractive then what they were naturally given. Is it not just a fashion trend? Is that what was deemed prettier 50 years ago? I doubt it. Will there be something else in 50 years time which is seen as attractive. YEP!  


I work with a lot of different people and everyone has their insecurities and worries in front of the camera. What I always find fascinating is that often I don’t see what they are seeing at all, they will have a best side, or an angle they don’t like, they might ask me not to get their legs in.


I don't think anyone else stood where I am behind the camera would see the same “flaws” that they see in themselves. This always put things in to perspective and helps me with having confidence in my own appearance.  


I, like everyone else, have worries. Things I don't like about my body and looks. But then I always try to remember. Other people won’t see them. I am the only person who looks at my face and thinks, my nose is too big. Or looks down and thinks - my thighs are too fat, my feet are too wide. Me. No one else will think that so I shouldn't think it about myself.  I need to give myself more credit.


Insecurities can be hard to get past, they are really get people down, lose confidence, and really struggle but are quick fixes the right way to go. Surely we need to fix what is on the inside first?


Try looking in the mirror and seeing what you think IS attractive about yourself. Tell yourself you are attractive.


We are ALL so much more attractive than we think, our personalities shine through and just remember no one else sees what you see.


This is just my personal opinion, basically to all my friends who have them, I think you are just as beautiful without and I wish you could see that too. <3