The power of your mind!


The mind is a powerful thing. I often find myself having deja vu, how does deja vu even work? I get it all the time. Sometimes someone will come in to my mind randomly, and then a few days later I will bump in to them. Why is this? In a recent conversation I asked Tom a very important question...

"Do you think if we both couldn't speak we would be able to communicate or just know what each other is thinking?"

"Of course" he replied. I too believe that we probably could. There are so many times when we say the same thing or just give each other a look and know what the other is thinking. I wanted to take this test further.. to really prove that we are so close we can read each others minds...

I made Tom look in to my eyes ...  "Try and guess what number I am thinking"

I could already tell that he was thinking I was absolutely barking mad, so that proved my ability to read his mind...

I picked a number between 1 - 100. He started to guessing.. 9.. wrong.. 2... wrong... 33.. wrong.. 98... wrong. As we got to over 10 wrong guesses, we started again. I thought of another number.. this time between one and 10 to try and narrow it down. All wrong guesses again! How could this be. We are soul mates surely we know exactly what each other are thinking!

So my experiment was left with no conclusion other then we are not soul mates,  this was most disappointing.




I have recently started reading The Secret. A book by Ronda Byrne who explains and shows examples of everything your mind can do when you really focus on what you want.

It is all about the law of attraction. To sum up in a nutshell. If you think negative thoughts you attract negative things to your life. What you need to do is limit these thoughts and only think of good things, positive things, things you want, things you want to happen. Focus on them and make sure these thoughts are persistent in your mind. Write down what you want and focus on it.

Think of your mind as a magnet, it will attract what you think of to you.

This is only a very very basic outline of what the secret is about.

I thoroughly recommend you read this book or even by the audio book if your slightly lazy with reading. It is available on amazon here

As part of my new year resolutions I have been taking a weekly yoga class. This is a great way to detox your mind of these negative thoughts, give it a rest and clear it for an hour without the distractions of modern life. After a yoga class I feel relaxed, refreshed and less tired. It helps me think clearer for a while and on the whole makes me feel much more positive and allows me to make room for these positive thoughts.

I know this kind of stuff isn't for everyone, but if you feel open to it, give it a try and see what happens. Nothing bad can come of thinking more positively!





The Yoga class I attend is based in Didsbury in a school hall. The room is often full with the smell of incense and lamps light the room to create a cozy atmosphere... If your Manchester based I highly recommend  Yoga with Tara