Four MUST HAVE beauty products!

All you need is 4 beauty products, some chlorine and some salt water...

What I love the summer is how much I save on beauty products once my skin has slightly darkened, the freckles are out and I get a healthy glow. (Still wearing factor 50 kids!)

I'm luckily enough to not feel too self conscious without make up, I think I have just got to the point in life where I don't care what other people think of my face.  In the last year my skin has developed to be fairly spot prone, and every time I get them they leave scars so it is not ideal really, however I just think there isn't much I can do about it and thats just the way I am.

The good thing about seeing the sun is that it does help to clear your skin, hide blemishes and normally, as you relax on holiday your bags seem to dissaper and you look more refreshed 


So with out further ado the products I use (after moisturising) are...


Mac blusher - Mocca Matt

I don't use this all the time just if I want to add some Rosieness. My very first blusher was Mac, mum brought it for me in a shop in Porta Banus and I remember at the time feeling so SO grown up and proud of my little adult blusher pot. I'm not sure how old I was,  maybe third year of school so like 15? anyway since then I have never used another make or shade of blusher... and to be fair I have only brought about 4 in all those years because they last for so long, would recommend to anyone! 

Chanel concealer - Correcteur Perfection Concealer 20

I found this one in the airport beauty department and I must say it is a dream to use! I was using a benefit foundation as concealer which I was enjoying but I ran out and when I went to re buy I found out they had discontinued it so I went in search of another. I only use concealer to brighten under my eyes and find it hard the dewy light texture but good coverage with out it look powered. This concealer is brilliant for looking like you're not wearing anything but doing the job! I think this is now going to be bought over and over again! I love it!

Eye brows  - Shavata Brow Perfector

This is palette by the brow specialist Shavata, you can find her stores in Harvey Nicks and around London  where they sell pencils, gels, and pots so you can choose which suits you best. 

Nail vanish - Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure - 135 Sheer Leader

This is great for holiday if you've left it too late to go and get them done before holiday like I did. It is a pearly, slightly silvery yet clearish nail colour... that doesn't really make sense I know but it honestly leaves a really lovely colour on your nails which goes with anything, and if it chips or becomes weak with the chlorine, as it is a light colour, it isn't obvious. 

Ooo and actually I always wear mascara in the evenings to but it isn't in the pictures as the bright purple didn't go with my beige set up.

Rimmel - Super curler 24hr (the purple one) 

It keeps those lashes curling with out any gunkyness or spider legs!

Then all you need is some naturally sun dried hair, sit back and relax with good book while you wait for everyone else to get ready!