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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Content. How do you create yours?

Sometimes I feel like everyone's is so similar, there seems to be a winning recipe that people tend to follow to gain the likes / followers. My feed used to be full of the same images all by different people. It was boring. So I had a bit of a spring clean and left myself with only the people who I feel are doing something different and producing images I felt inspired by. They were doing something to put themselves on the map in their own way.  Every now and then I will find a gem of a creator who creates the most beautiful imagery which reflects their personality and style and they always get a follow from me! I love people who experiment and have a bit of art to there imagery. I am drawn to both editorial style imagery and candid snapshots. I think being a photographer helps me to know how much work goes in to something which looks more editorial and adds and extra appreciation to the effort that person has put in to their picture.

I’ve been working with a couple of bloggers recently and feel like we are really upping that content game. Pushing it out of the comfort zone and creating imagery which I hope is inspiring others to do the same. So how are we doing it?

  • Mood boarding - as with any shoot, I like to moodboard. To get an idea of the vibe, look and what we are after, this really helps to set a tone. To think outside the box for what you are creating.

  • Don't just stick a filter on it. I always edit each shoot and sometimes each frame in a way that suits it best. Its crate to get a consistent look tonally to your style but does that filter really look good on every picture?

  • Have fun with it and dont get stuck in a routine - experiment with different angles, different locations, different backgrounds. You must just find something that works even better for you.

  • Look in different places for inspiration. Don't just look at your favourite bloggers for inspiration on what pictures get the most likes. Look in magazines, exhibitions, street art. I have recently created a huge list of where to get inspiration from.. You can find that list here.

  • Use different eras - I doesn't take a genius to notice that film grain and to be honest just film in general is back in fashion. Brands are using it, influencers are shooting it, and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Look at different eras to inspire you. Maybe try using a flash for some of your pictures, what about a polaroid camera or just a film camera you've picked up from a car boot.

  • BE YOURSELF - The most important piece of advice I have. do what works for you, what you like, express your personality and how you are different from others. Concentrate on your individuality and express yo self!!!!

The main image I have taken for this article was inspired by this image I saw on Pinterest.  I really loved it and as soon as I saw it this post title popped in to my head. At the moment I can’t find a link to the photographer whose work it is so if anything know, please let me know.


I took my own version in about 5 minutes and after some very dodgy looking cutting out I kind of liked the rough look it added to the picture.

I hope you find these tips and ideas helpful. Happy creating! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]