ahhhh Dublin..... We had half an hour till our lunch reservation, so after a little stroll we hung outside a wine bar we thought looked nice. Trying to spot the first signs of someone about to get up and leave so we could sit down in one of the few spaces available.  A man on one of the tables got up and asked if we could like a table. He then went in to the shop next door, came out with two chairs and placed them in front of the shop in the sun, and walked in to the bar. The man and a waiter then walked out with a table. "here you go..." we exclaimed Thank yous and happily sat down.

I think this is an example of just how nice the Irish are.

We happily drank our bottle of wine in the sun, and then due to too much talking and trying to drink wine, wondered a few doors up to Cavistons.


Cavistons. I found it online and booked us a table. We were almost so close to not going as we thought it was too far out. Luckily we asked the guy on reception at our hotel and found out we were actually very close to a train station which would take us to the village it was in. We sent off on our little adventure and found it actually only a beautiful train journey along the coast.

The food was divine. so so so so sooooooooooo good. Probably my most favourite place I've eaten. I'm envious of all who live near by.

It is a tiny little seafood restaurant so booking is recommended. It is quaint and very a homely friendly feel. Attached to it there is a deli, with equally divine food. I could have brought it all. We were sat next to a more mature couple, David and ... Ive forgotten the lady name, but we started talking to them when we were choosing our wine. David made some suggestions for us we exchanged polite conversation. After our starter we ended up in another conversation about the food, our conversation then carried on all the way till we were out the door and the lovely lady was trying to get David to give us a lift to the next village where they lived so we could try the pub there.

I love getting in to conversations with strangers, you can learn so much from them and hear about their lives, it gives you a small insight to another world other then your own. David and the lovely lady made me smile and I hope I am as happy as they are when I am older.

I was too busy eating to get any pictures but Tom got some on his phone so I will get some off him and put them on here so you can see.

58/59 Glasthule Rd, Glenageary, Glasthule, Co. Dublin, Ireland