Visiting Valencia

Valencia is a magical city. As I walked into the big square which is home to the cathedral, cute cafes and a water fountain. I had to take a moment to myself to take it all in. Valencia is the kind of city you can wonder for hours and around every corner you will find something new. At the end of ally ways you uncover beautiful churches, friendly cafes, shops filled with white lace. It really is beautiful.img_6133

Valencia is famous for there paella which I think I ate for every meal. Traditional Valencian paella is made of rabbit and chicken, however the veggie paella (which I ate) was very delicious to.

One picture I regret not taking - in the evening some of the chefs from the restaurant on the corner would go and sit and have a smoke and a chat, sat on a layered wall.  They would be sat almost in the position of a boyband, you know when there all on different levels wearing the same thing. this chef boyband were wearing check trousers and the usual chef whites. It would have made a great photo, but for whatever reason I missed the moment. I was too busy taking it in in real life to actually take the scene with my camera which I guess is no bad thing. Some times it is better to live in the moment rather then constantly seeing it through your camera lens.untitled-6

What made the trip so special was being able to see family whom I had not seen in a very ..very long time. I cant express how much it meant being able to hug and chat to them as if no time had past. We ate, drank, chatted and laughed away into the afternoons. I will always hold my memories of them very close to my heart. It is amazing seeing them now as an adult ( I don't think I had seen them since I was 6-8 years old), how little they had changed from how I remember them and how clear is it that there is a family bond and resemblances I would never had known about if we hadn't taken this trip.




Top places to visit in Valencia

1.The Art Gallery  -

I honestly saw some of the best photographs in this building. We pretty much stumbled across it and went in because we were there. A must do for any visitor. 

2. The food market -

A huge food market in the middle of town. The building itself is fabulous. make sure you look up as you walk in. 

3. My great uncles house - ask him to cook you the prawns :)

Sadly you can't all visit here. Family only ...