The look on your friends face when she realises that the black bit which runs along the back of a prawn is actually there intestine.. so it is actually prawn poo, so you are basically just eating poo as prawns are pretty small..  is absolutely priceless. I've never seen someone look so disgusted. I've never seen someone toss something away from them so fast. Then the look of horror as she realised she has already eaten quite a few from our mound of paella. Marbella is like a second home to me. Having been there every year since I was born, after 26 years I have become very attached to it. Although the amount of the Spanish language I don't know is almost embarrassing (asking for the bill and the word for butterfly is about as much as my brain seems to hold).

Being able to take friends back with me year after year is something I look forward almost as soon as I return. A good old girls holiday. Letting loose, staying up and chatting about everything and everything, pool games, cards, sharing beauty tips and just having a laugh.  In Marbella it can be hard to avoid the hen and stag dos, the groups looking for there "Only way is Essex" fix, but once you wade through the large majority of them it is easy to find beauty in a place which has been made so popular in the last 5 years.  I much prefer a bit of Spanish authenticity, having said that there is nothing quite like a walk along the port people watching.


Where is your go to place? and how much do you love the gossip and secrets which come out on a good girls trip away!