What I wore in Milan

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Just before Christmas- which seems like an age ago now. I was very very Very excited to be invited on my first press trip with Bimba Y Lola.

Bimba Y Lola are a brand who’s values match my own. Their creative spirit and the excitement which surrounds each campaign has had me admiring their look books, clothing and social channels for years -so to be invited to their Christmas party was an absolute dream come true for me and even better that I got to take one of my besties, sinead along with me.

We got to spend just over 42 hours although it felt like about 4 hours in Milan, there was so much to see and do - it is definitely a city I need to go back to and explore more of. While we were there we got to see the cathedral, which is even more impressive than it looks in pictures and visit the Banksy exhibition  - we ate in the most amazing little italian family run restaurant - which the food was just… amazing. I wished Tom could have been there with me to enjoy it as it was right up his street. Tradiational, simple italian food done very well.

 The Christmas party itself was insane. And I mean like no party I had ever been to before, and I’ve been to some pretty wild parties which I lived in London. Bimba Y Lola had hired out one of the monuments in the square and blow up a huge balloon in side it. We were partying inside a balloon… like whatttttt??? With confetti cannons, a room of disco balls and tinsel. Every room looked incredible. It was safe to say I had an in posters syndrome moment !

The spanish like to party hard and there was a whole lot of laughs on the dance floor. At one point a fairy well to do looking lady was doing the splits, people were on each other shoulders, topless guys were being thrown up into the air. It was mad!

What I took away from this party was confidence, watching the spanish party up a storm, with no cares in the world about looking silly. Only caring that they had THE BEST time. The laughing and care freeness of it all lead me to question how up tight I have become. It made me realise how little I actually just let go and go crazy and do what I want to do.

I am always too aware of others and what they might think.

Well guys… let me tell you. Since then I have been embracing my inner weirdo and caring a lot less and its working out well for me.

Why not try it. Have a laugh!

PS . I realise this post is called what i wore in Milan and that the outfits are now kind of irrelevant as we’re coming in to summer but I just wanted to share - hopefully some of the pieces are still available so I can link for you!

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