Why don't I just call?


Throughout life there have been friends I have lost along the way, and looking back I have no idea why. Some of them anyway. We have lost touch, grown apart and moved away but there is no real reason as to why we don’t speak. There are friends who we have fallen out over reasons which now seem so small. We have chosen not to speak for a few years and then all of a sudden it is water under the bridge and I am so sooo happy they are back in my life. There are friends I miss and friends I want to speak to but it feels like it has been too long. Sometimes I think why don’t I just pick up the phone and call?

What is stopping me?

Maybe I’m too scared. Scared they wont pick up or return the love, scared we will never get back what we once had. Scared of the awkward start and maybe scared of rejection.

I remember someone once told me that your lucky if you have a bunch of close friends you can count on one hand. I for one am one of the most luckiest girls with a bunch of friends I have had since school, I think there is 10 of us, still as close, as silly and as there for each other as we ever have been. They are the kind of friends that if life gets in the way and we don’t speak for a month the conversation picks right back up where it started. They will always be there for me and I for them. It is a beautiful friendship and I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.

There are friends I made at uni who are still my closest. They know the older me, inside and out. We share the same stories, we have grown together though some of the craziest times and they are my life.

Then there are the friends you meet through working. The work friends who can slip from being a colleague to a friend. These friends pick you up, spur you on and get the industry your in and inspire you. Personally I couldn't live without them!  


And then between them are the people who have slipped away. I always see posts about doing a friend clear out, or people saying that they feel happy with their friends who have stuck around and know that they are life long friends to stay. I don’t know if its because I wear my heart on my sleeve a little more but just can't let it go. More recently these people have been on my mind. So you know what…  I think I am just going to pick up that phone and call..