The natural way...


When I was young we would have annual family trips to Spain. We would spend our days running around in the sun, not a care in the world. That is until we got a mozzy bite or a sting. Mum would quickly cut of a bit of the stem from an Aloe Vera plant and we would put the watery goodness that came out of it on any bites, stretches, bruises or burnt skin and it magically made it better!

So last week when I was faced with a giant massive huge spot called Brenda right in the middle of my face and was sat sulking on the sofa, I looked over and saw my little baby aloe vera plant which I have been raising as my own for the last 6 months. It was at this point I had a genius idea. I grabbed the scissors and cut the end off one of the spikes, gave it a little squeeze and rubbed it on the spots much to my boyfriends horror as I sat there with green gu on my face.

Low and behold the next day the spot had visibly gone down. It was barely noticeable now, The redness and slight swelling completely gone! I kid you not these plants cost £2.50 from Ikea, They are so easy to look after and grow really quickly!! They even multiply very easily so you could end up with a few. I’m telling you know is this the cheapest most effective spot removal out there… It's organic, completely natural and also a lovely decoration for your house!

Buy your plant from ikea NOW!

You can thank me later !