The trouble with Art…



The trouble with art is not everyone gets it.


Some look at what is in front of them, studying the large sweeping brush strokes, the tiny details, the exquisite way wire has bent and twisted to make a form, they look at the frame and the perfect height the piece was hung up with such care, they even look notice the way the hand painted eyes follow you around the room. And then comes the... “I don’t get it”


Art isn’t for everyone.


My boyfriend can only find interest in art by walking around and how much each piece is worth and then gawping and harsh whispering “how is that THAT MUCH”


Personally I love the quietness of a gallery and the slow foot steps you hear as you walk around the admiring the displays. I like that each piece shows a bit of personality of the creator without actually meeting them, everyone has a different style and I can appreciate how hard they must have worked to find it.

When I hear people criticise, simple pieces and say “ I could have done that myself” my reply is “yeah but you didn't!” that artist has painted/ sculpted/ made/ worked on something that you may think you could have done yourself but at the end of the day, you didn't spend the time researching and developing to eventually make a final piece and contact a gallery and get it displayed for everyone to judge.


I’m not saying I love everything I see,  some I will walk by faster than others or make my mind up that it isn’t for me from across the room but I don’t dismiss it all together. I have found I am naturally drawn to photography exhibitions and tend to like sculptural art rather than historic art. modern work I find visually more exciting.

Art can be thought provoking when you want it to be. I challenge you next time your stood in front of someones art ask yourself these questions.


  1. What makes this art work stand out?
  2. What is the main feature point of this work ?
  3. Where was this art made?
  4. What do I like best about this piece?
  5. What would I change if I recreated it myself?
  6. What mood is this piece of work?


And just see what you come up with and let me know which your favorite piece was and who it was by!

I always find Time Out the best place online for lists of the latest exhibitions and gallerys in Manchester and London.  


Stay tuned for my personal list of the Uk’s best art galleries and where I like to find my inspiration !! 


All pictures taken by me at Tate Modern in London