Bring back your inner goddess


Pamper nights- The one night of the week where I took time for myself, treated myself to a magazine, boiling hot long bath, sat with a face mask on and generally just preened and pampered myself all night pretty much every Thursday. By simply taking the time to take some time for myself, it somehow revived my self confidence and made me feel like an absolute goddess at least for the next couple of days or until I repeated the pampering again the following week.


At some point over the last year I had stopped treating myself to this night of luxury and while admittedly there was no physical difference in my appearance-  mentally I convinced myself that I had let myself go.


SO on a mission to bring back that inner goddess, I turned the hot water on, lit some candles, popped some chill out tunes on my portable speaker and smothered on a facemask

The face mask which had started to dry out slightly as I had left the pot for so long slightly open but I just about managed to spread it over the forehead, cheeks and chin . Hurdle two, I couldn't find any new razor blades, meaning I had to shave my legs with a blunt razor which was starting to go rusty, not ideal as it reduced the stubble on my legs to just slightly shorter stubble but hey it's winter and no one who cares is going to see them. Then I couldn't find my nail varnish remover to remove the old polish and add on the new. Next step- self waxing my upper lip… lets just say it look several counts to 3 till it finally was ripped off. Feeling like I was failing slightly at this night of utter relaxation I stepped out the tub. Probably due to the blunt razor I had managed to massacre my legs with cuts everywhere. In vain I wiped the mirror to look at my over red face from the heat of the bath, to see a large patch of wax still stuck to my lip...

So sadly not everything went as smoothly as planned but never the less it did making the time for just me did actually make me feel so much better, and the next day after I had found the nail polish remover and re painted my nails. I did feel back to that goddess I once was. Next week I’m making sure I have all the right ingredients before running the bath!