How to survive a long commute 


Ahead of it being Monday tomorrow I thought I'd chat to you all about a little problem. When I lived in London I got the tube everywhere, but on a tube you can get your head stuck in a book and an hours commute feels about 10 minutes- although saying that I really don't miss my face getting stuck facing peoples arm pits in the summer! However now I'm in Manchester there is nothing I love more than being in the car for over an hour wasting my life sitting in traffic twice a day ... mmmm I really hate wasting time and whilst months and months went by where I stressed myself out thinking of all the great things I could have been doing if I wasn't in the car.. I have now found a way to make sitting in traffic a little more productive.

  1.  Its an old school technique but it works. Stick on a good song and sing along. Depending on what mood your in you can listen to any genre.. its like therapy. Sing along at the top of your voice and pretend your in a music video.  I recently purchased little mix's album and when I know I'm going to need a little bit of self confidence and sass that day it works wonders.  When I'm feeling more at peace with the world I tend to stick on Mumford and sons or my old 60s soul album.
  2. Talk to yourself. Sometimes I spend all my time rushing around, working, or with other people. when I'm in the car I've decided to treat it as me time. ( mostly in the mornings) There will usually be something I need to think about this gives me over an hour to just think.
  3. Keep in touch. (on a hands free device) Most nights on my way home I'll call home, my granny or a friend. This is great to keep in touch and give someone your time. It also helps the journey home to fly by!
  4. Spot the nose pickers... seriously so many people do it. Its hilerious ! You get the sneaky ones, the blatant ones, the eaters, the flickers. Why do people forget they have windows in their car?
  5. Listen to Radio 1 in the mornings. I used to find Grimmy so annoying, seriously like 4 years ago he just wasn't for me. Now my mornings just aren't the same if he's not there. Its full of chatter, gossip, celebrities and news - everything you need to start your day. I am often driving along smiling to myself.  At lunch times listen to Radio 2. Sad but true. I never thought id reach a point where I listen to radio 2 but I love it. They usually have a great topic to discuss and I find myself learning a lot.


What do you do while you sit in traffic ? Please say I'm not the only one with a super long commute!