1 Night 7 Stories


Last week I was walking through Manchester with Tom when I got handed a flyer. My usual reaction is to put my hand up in a stop like motion, smile and kindly reject the flyer they are trying to hand me. Who needs more rubbish to carry around with them?


This one however I did, I took it, I looked down and thought ooo that looks interesting. I showed Tom who replied with, “You won’t want to go to that will you?” “YES I WIll!” I replied.




Stories of Success. Of hope. Of Triumph through adversity.


Stories of real local character and their extraordinary lives.


Stories that give Manchester its strength


In my mind I pictured the evening being a very simple event. People sat around round tables while someone spoke to us. Maybe they had recused a cat or done something else which was great for the local community neither the less something made me want to hear what they had to say.


A week later and I was sitting on a stool with SamioOnyi and L'Oreal by my side all facing a presentation board with about 60 other people in the room.

I was blown away by the stories that were told that night. Chris Fisher who had lost his sight one day and managing to overcome his developed disability he now carves beautiful wooden objects and is soon going to learn welding! He spoke of how his craft takes him so much longer then a person with sight but how his care when creating the gorgeous bowls and other objects means that he is actually less likely to make silly mistakes like his sighted peers. He now teaches and is sponsored for his work.


Close your eyes. For a couple of minutes. Just imagine what it is like to loose your sight.


Dom McGregor, the CEO of the company Social Chain was there to, expecting a story about growth and young entrepreneurship, he actually spoke of the troubles he had faced with mental health and the effects of drink. It was interesting to hear his struggles as I’m sure everyone is guilty of thinking “ah they have it all - the perfect life!” when really you do not know what is going on in their life at all, I also thought his honesty was incredibly brave.


The highlight for me was a speaker called Haleh Moravej. Her personality, character and energy was infectious. Her hilarious stories related and stuck with me. She was real, up front about her experiences of being rejected by a job she really wanted and how being told that she couldn't do it or wasn't good enough made her even more determined and ready for success. She was up lifting. She was the kind of person who could take the mick out of herself and with that made you laugh along and want to be her best friend.  This is a women who I know will have made an impact on my life and how I think with her 20 minute story.


Whist listening to the speakers I wrote a few key notes which I want to pass on to you.


  • Tell a story.  Telling your story to people to sell your product, your work, to receive respect and start conversations. Let people know what you are about. It is much more relatable. For example if you were going to buy an orange, there are two oranges in front of you, one just had a name, a price and the location it was from. The other one has a picture and a story about the people who own the orange farm, where it has come from and who picked it. You are much more likely to choose the orange which tells you more of a story as to where that orange is from.


  • Find your tribe. People who follow your work and support you ( not just instagram or social following.) People who take an interest in you and what you do, people who encourage and help you to go further, people who you can chat to, ask questions and feel comfortable with)


  • Have one word which is your word. This would should make people think of you. When they hear that word your face should pop in to there mind. So make sure it’s not a bad one.


  • Believe in what you are doing 100% because if you dont they won't


  • Use humour to make your story come alive. Be able to laugh at yourself, share your fails with humour and let people know all about your highs and lows and your own story.


  • Don’t focus on frustration, see the good things in what you do, no matter how small or big you think they are and give yourself some credit for what you are achieving.


  • If you are you are something then you will become it.  This is very much the way or thinking from the book The Secret which I have mentioned in a previous post. The mind is a powerful thing. If you say your an Art Director, you will become an art director!


  • Don’t wait for something bad to happen . A lot of speakers the stories had a tragedy or something shocking happen which then made them make a change or start doing what they wanted to do or who they wanted to be. ALL of them said the same thing. Don’t wait for something to happen, make sure you are doing it anyway!


Hope you enjoyed those little tips I picked up. The next 7 Stories event is on 30th August, I will see you there!


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