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Whoever knew that you could look so cool by just standing next to a tree?! Klaudia from J'adore models based in Manchester, pulls off this look with ease. I was quite impressed how she managed to look effortlessly cool in pretty much every outfit she had on.

That is the thing with models, they some how manage to make everything look good... We didn't have a stylist for this shoot so Klaudia had kindly gone on a shopping spree the day before and pulled some looks together. Some of the stuff she hadn't even tried on but she said she knew what suits/fit her and I'm impressed to say it all did.

On test shoots it is always helpful to have some specific looks you want to shoot. It is a lot harder to style up the images and make the images look professional with out some kind of thought going in to the outfits.

This was one of my first test shoots since going freelance and I have to say I think they're going to be some of my favourite images for a long time. Even though it was freezing cold Klaudia stuck it out with out even mentioning it and even made it look slightly warm?

I wanted to create some really nice tones in black-and-white. I used natural light, a silver reflector, Canon 5D Mark ii and a mix between my 50mm lens and my 24 -105 prime lens

I was a bit worried about it being so overcast but as it was still bright despite the clouds, it actually gave the really nice soft black and white tones that I was looking for. The sun managed to shine for a couple of the pictures which, all you budding photographers out there can you guess which ones they were?

I'll give you a clue ...it's the ones with a slightly brighter backgrounds



This was one of 4 tests I did on this lovely Monday, keep checking back to see the other models I shot that day.

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