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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, you have homemade lemonade in hand (or gin if you’d rather) you’ve had one of your best summers yet, then you notice… you feel a bit uncomfortable. Your jeans feels heavy and tight, now you’ve realised the more you can’t ignore the fact that actually your jeans aren't comfortable at all and it’s far too hot for jeans.. But you’re a jeans kind of person. You live in jeans. What are you going to do????

Enter the Everlane Summer Jean.


Ahh ever so thankful for these. As the weather has taken a sudden turn from the antarctic to the Sahara desert ( oh the sad effects of global warming) I have been living in these jeans. Feeling not quite ready to get my legs out in skirt and also relying on jeans for the practicality of my work, as a photographer, I need a jean which will still be comfortable in a hot studio, something I can stretch in, bend in, climb in.

If I am honest, I didn’t even realise you could get a summer jean, but I guess it is like having a summer and winter duvet… why would you sweat it out in your thick denim jeans all summer long?


I love the Everlane summer jean for their light weight. They are baggy but not too baggy fit ( I have been very partial to a wide leg jean of late and when I first put these Everlane jeans on- my boyfriend said “ oh I like those!” and considering he hates 90% of my favourite jeans I was very happy with that reaction) and how soft they are without losing their shape.

Incase you have got this far and are sat there thinking.. Ok ok they sound great but who even are Everlane?  Let me tell you.

They have recently come on to my radar whilst researching ethical brands. They are extremely transparent is where there clothing is made. They are not a trend led fashion house, but would rather put care and thought in to their designs so they they are classic pieces which won’t go out of fashion next month, which means you are more likely to potentially decades of wear out of anything you buy. They are a company which care.. For example a quote from there website “A scene from our LA Factory. Every Black Friday, we donate our profits to improve the lives of people who work at our factories“

Personally I find it incredibly refreshing to see and absolutely amazing that they even show you the actual cost of each item!! If you don’t believe me check out their website

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To sum up..

Everlane Slimmed down there usual relaxed BF jean, so if you have worn those before they are similar but slimmer.

They are made with 100% cotton which are 10oz so super super light and very naturally soft.

They are made at Saitex which is the world cleanest denim factory! Woo!

The Summer Jean is only available in 1 style but had three different colours to choose from.

And they are one of the top ethical brands around.

If you have any questions about the jeans .. please ask away !


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