The songs which make me feel like I can achieve anything.

Rosie Butcher feel good playlist

We all have days where we feel a bit crap and we can’t shake the feeling of annoyance, even if we are not sure what it is that has actually annoyed us. We have days where we feel sad for no reason, or just not feeling ourselves. We have days where we feel inadequate, whether it’s just in our job, our lives or compared to other people.

And although more often or not I turn to chocolate on these kinds of days, the only thing that can really get me out of this kind of mood is music. Music has an incredible ability to take you to back to a place in time, it can take you right back to that memory so I have made a power playlist. These are all the songs which take me back a time when I felt powerful, myself, and bloody brilliant. In general they are all pretty uplifting songs so I thought I would share my playlist and hope they do the same to you on days where you might need a pick me up.

Now let me pre warn you… There is quite the mix on there. Including some guilty pleasures...Don’t judge.


Here are some of the reasons.

4 non blondes. This is the gangs song, it reminds me of nights with our arms around each other singing at the top of our voices and swaying.

Simply the best - When I was in primary school and we had just had a particularly good Ofsted report, Mrs Rodges came into the hall blasting this song and dancing and singing and it was super fun. This memory will always be a favourite and not a bad song for making you feel great!

Only get what you give  - In 2nd year of uni after transferring to Manchester for my second year after hating my first year in Leeds I distinctly remember being sat on a loo in vodka revs in Fallowfield on a night out with my new friends and this song came on. I remember laughing to myself and realising that everything was going to be ok and feeling so so happy - such a random feeling but every time I hear this song I now think, it’s all going to be ok.

Leon Bridges - River - Leon Bridges was the first gig Tom and I went to together. It was in Liverpool and my brother had bought it for my Christmas present. I was so nervous as it was one of our first few dates as a couple rather then just as friends. This song always makes me smile and takes me back to that first gig together and the feeling of butterflies in my tummy as Tom put his arms around me.

Best friend - 50 Cent. - Before a night out a uni I tried to explain why I think 50 is an absolute cutie because of the lyrics of this song haha … it still makes me laugh. No Idea why I thought this!

Madness - Baggy trousers - a lot of dancing has been done to this song.

Luther Vandross - never too much - at the end of a warehouse project, I think I was on stage for some reason, although the memory is very hazy. I remember the DJ ( can’t even remember who it was now) playing this at the end of their set and everyone went crazy. I also think it was the only song I had liked the whole night so particularly liked it hahaha.

Tina Turner - Proud Mary - also reminds me of nights with the girls.

Robbie Williams - Life Thru a Lens - I remember being really young and in the car with mum and dad and singing this - I can’t remember where we had been or what we had been doing but it must have been fun because it always makes me feel happy.

Anyway I am sure you get the point. Have a listen and see if it makes you feel super happy too. Which songs make you feel like you can concur the world?


rosie butcher feel good playlist
rosie butcher feel good playlist