Sophia Rosemary's 60s vibes

I had the pleasure of meeting Sophia from the blog, Sophia Rosemary to take some photos for her.. see her "With Tangerine coats and Marmalade skies" post here Deciding the look for the day had a great 60s vibe. We set out to find a record store. Sophia had walked passed Clampdown Record Store on her way to meet me and found an absolute gem. The guy in the stop was great, letting us take photos and helping us to pick out records. Just around the corner from Piccadilly is is a great place to pop in to find records or even just for a nice chat.

Find the clampdown record store website here . Where you can find the location and opening times.

We had a great time out and about looking for locations and chatting, we finally found the terrance houses in Ancoats, which 5 minutes before we thought had been knocked down  after seeing a huge space full of diggers and rubble, which looked suspiciously like houses used to be there and with all the renovation work in that area it wouldn't have been much of a surprise!

I can't wait to shoot more with Sophia! (as you will now see on her blog we have done more shoots!! )

Hope you like the pictures!

If you are a blogger in Manchester and want to do some shoots then please get in touch and lets have some fun!




As stated on Sophia's blog here

Coat- Monki at ASOS
Turtle Neck- H&M

Skirt- Topshop

and personally I want to hit the shops and buy it all!!