Remembrance Day Manchester


I had turned up later then I wanted.  It felt like turning up too fashionably late. There were signs a lot of people had been there. There was more people then usual mulling around. A small crowd was still gathered by the memorial outside the "Hogwarts Building". I walked over and stood silently with my thoughts. Giving a small portion of my day to remember the people who died for us, trying to imagine what they had been through, which put the troubles in my life in to perspective.

Realising I was a bit too late, I mooched over to a wall and lent against it watching others respectfully leaving poppies and remembering people they had either known, or would never know.

The peacefulness of being stood there lasted for a few moments.

Just as I was wondering where to wonder to next. Behind me appeared about 300 mopeds and motor cycles. What a moment. It looked fantastic! At first I thought they were driving by but then they all stopped and got off their bikes.  A small speech was made, a wreath was laid and we all gathered to have a two minutes silence of remembrance.

It made me very grateful that I had been running a little late.