Why did I leave?



Sitting in a cafe just off oxford street in London I’m wondering why I ever left this place. As I got off the train at Euston, wondered down to the tube, sat swaying with the movement of the carriages. I looked around me and remembered all the times I had got the tube to work or to meet friends. It was part of my everyday routine. Watching other people go about their day, noticing everything going on.  Admittedly in the summer- rush hour tube travel was not ideal. Getting my face pushed into someones sweaty back whilst behind me people still pushed to cram onto the tube tighter than sardines in a can. There was always somewhere I would rather be, but now i'm back, only for the weekend it in the middle of winter, off peak, it doesn't seem so bad.

As I stepped out of the tube station and saw the glow of Christmas lighting up the the street before me, people rushing around after work, the buzz that London seems to naturally have.  I realised that for me, London has got its appeal back. Something which whist I lived here it had lost.


London has to be one of my favourite cities in the world.