Dear diary..10/12/17

Well well well…. Hello guys!


In this part of my space on the internet I shall be starting a bit of a dear diary. Yes that’s right, I’m going to step away from the pen and paper and come online instead.


So in a week where there was a royal engagement and Toff was voted queen of the jungle and there was a whole lotta snow!  I was running to and from London, Coventry and London and back.




I woke up and reached for day 4 of my advent calendar. Ive noticed a lot of people online have gift calendars this year but I have stuck to the traditional chocolate. I quickly ate todays chocolate and just as I was finishing it, I remembered this week I was going to try to be vegan… opps.  After a lovely lazy morning making homemade beans on toast I settled down at my desk for the day and began editing last weeks test shoot. I am so happy how these images have turned out and shall be posting them up in the very near future! Its such a great feeling to create content which you are SO excited to share with people and feel proud of yourself. One of life little buzzes.




5am start- 8pm home. It was a long day but a good day.

I will leave you with a little link to a foodie youtube channel which interviews resteruants around Manchester with comments left on their Trip Adviser. I found it to be an interesting watch and it was directed by the photographer, Duncan Elliott, who I was working with today,

Fodder Podcast on youtube!



With a shoot for the Princes Trust booked in for this evening- I find it hard to relax during the day as its like Im counting down to the time I need to leave the house…. In 9 hours time. Proud of myself today for making my first Youtube video- which can be found here.

Then I met the lovely Samio for a bite to eat, catch up and work hour before heading to the studio.




A very exciting shoot was confirmed for Saturday. Its such a good feeling when your like wooohooooooooo. I got the job!




Working for a new client in Manchester, Love meeting a new team! 




Just sat on the train to London, excited to be back in the big smoke I’m staying an extra day to see friends and visit exhibitions I want to see while I’m down there! Cant wait to see Harriet tonight and have a good ol catch up! 




Ok so today was INTENCE! But very enjoyable. Went out for a super cute meal with two of my pals, we went to made in Italy in Clapham Junction and although its a questionable name the pizza was good and atmosphere delightful. It felt like we were away skiing and with a guy singing on an acoustic guitar it was just lovely. So so good to see them to.. I hadn't seen Deepika for exactly a whole year. Isn't it amazing when you have friends which you don't see for ages and then soon as you do its like you were with them yesterday... True friendship right there! x


Sunday Funday!!!


Waking up to snow was magical!  Dawn and I both stuck our heads and hands out the window and squeezed with delight! we got up and slipped and slid our way to the bus stop and went over to elephant and castle where we went to the nicest food market @mercatometropolitano .The whole time we were there I couldn’t stop saying “oh I love it here!” They also have a cinema room so be sure to check that out if you are in London or planning to visit soon!



Now for a new week!