Gift Guide 2! - Its so nearly Christmas! What have you been doing!?

p1020288p1020271 Buying gifts can be super hard, sometimes it gets to just says before and a mad panic sets in, so to stop you just buying anything you see I have collected some easy last minute items for you to buy. This gift guide will work very well for those of you who live near the incredible shop, Oliver Bonas! For those of you in Manchester, there is one in Piccadilly station near the main entrance and Boots, perfect for grabbing gift to and from work if you commute / pop in to town!

I don't know who he is put Oliver has a pretty decent shop, is it my go to for anything ( check out their clothes while your there!)

With out further a do ( because your really running out of time now) LETS BEGIN....


1.  A mug for a mug...  This one isn't actually from Oliver Bonas but they do lovely mugs to and Rose and Grey also sell mugs like this one:

Oliver Bonas Mug

Rose and Grey mug

2. Card holder.. great for those who travel a lot, it can hold cards, rail cards, oyster cards and tickets.

Oliver Bonas card holder

3. Corkical... for the wine lover. This devise cools down your bottle of wine without making it watery. Perfect for those who like to keep some wine close by and arnt likely to do dry January!

Corkical Air

4. Board... Can be used as a cheese board, chopping board, fruit board, or just something to make your kitchen look pretty! I got mine fro TK max.. which I cant actually see online but see the link below for some others.

TK Maxx board

M and S board

Rockett St George Board

5. Travel Guide... If your going away with someone, or know someone who is going away why not buy them a travel guide. I love the Cereal travel guides- the photograph is beautiful and they are much more stylish then your usual book.

Cereal travel guide

6. Whisky Rocks... For the whisky lover. These are a great gift for dads, brothers, boyfriends or guy mates, again they stop the drink from being diluted by water and also look pretty cool to! I saw these on Love Style Mindfulness's gift guide last year so they were on the top of my list this year!

Oliver Bonas Whisky Rocks



Scroll down for even more....





1. Shower Gel... This smells like heaven in a bottle. I got the Ginger and lime but they do lots of other and also do gift sets if your looking to get something a little more.

Oliver Bonas shower gel

2. The card holder again... Because it looked good in the picture!

Oliver Bonas card holder

3. Bowl... They could keep jewelry, ice cream, sweets or keys. Pretty much anything .. just not at the same time. I loved this little dish and thought it was a must buy for a friend who loses everything! They are £5 - £7 and I have seen similar for alot more so these are an absolute steal! They come in lots of lovely colours to

Oliver Bonas bowls

4. 101 weekends in Europe... for the friend who likes to get away from it all. This is a great book with enough information on each location and again some lovely pictures which give you real wanderlust! Oliver Bonas has many great books so take a look and see if there is anything better suited for your friend.

Oliver Bonas Books

101 weekends in europe book

5. Pants! ... I saw them in accessorize and they are so cute I wanted them for myself.. but I got them for a friend because I'm nice like that and think she will love them. becareful who you buy underwear for though. Probably not ideal for a secret santa gift or your granny.

Accessorize Pants

6. Sprouts... For the naughty one. Joke. These are made of chocolate who could say no!

I cant find them online but they are in pretty much every M and S store for £1!





This is the end of my gift guide! Hope you find it inspiring and if you get anything let me know ..... Have a lovely time wrapping!!


All photography by me.. as per.