A day in York

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]p1020392 I stumbled in to the kitchen grumbling about how I was fine it was just a precaution. Looking for my trusty tupperware box before realising it was in the car. I found something else which would be suitable. A wok.  I had gone to bed with this wok next to me, just in case I needed to be sick.

It was 2 am and we had just got home from the works Xmas do. I wouldn’t say I was drunk but I think we had had our last drink too late and too close to the end of the evening so when I lay down I was starting to get that dizzy feeling as my body still wanted to party with the adrenalin running through my body but my brain was ready for bed, knowing we had to get up early in the morning.

Waking up I felt ok… ish. My head was hurting and I knew I needed another half an hour before I would be able to fully embrace the day.

I had been excited for this little day trip for ages and had made Tom take a day off work so we could go… I had to spend about 2 hours putting on a brave face (my makeup) and off we set.

The year before we had gone there for our first date. We had met at Piccadilly train station both armed with 5 different places within an hour of Manchester on the train. I can’t remember our exact options but I think they were like Southport, Hebden bridge, Buxton, Liverpool, etc.  We folded them up and popped them in Tom’s hat, before pulling out our mystery destination. It was York!  So off we went to explore. We ended up having the best day, eating and drinking our way around, strolling down the cobbled streets, and all the while saying “ York is so nice!”. We had gone on a Monday and as we started to get peckish again around 8pm we realised a lot of restaurants were shut on a Monday. After some searching we found a little restaurant above its own deli called “Little Italy”. It felt hidden and secret as you walked through the closed deli and up the stairs in to the restaurant. As soon as you walked in the restaurant was full and alive with chatter. The food was absolutely delicious and the staff are wonderful. It has a real family vibe to it. We spent so long chatting and laughing we nearly missed our train! Having to down the remainder of our wine, we hopped in a cab to the station. We had had our first proper kiss on the platform before the train pulled in. It honestly was one of the best days of my life.

So this year we went back, it will probably turn in to an annual trip.

York is really beautiful city. Good for shopping, independent cafes, restaurants and bars. They also have Christmas markets up this time of year.  After a bit of exploring and some Christmas shopping (they have a mulberry outlet shop – so a very lucky brother has a very nice wallet all wrapped up for him now) we went and found a hotel which we had seen the previous year. It is hidden away down a little street near the cathedral, once you look through the arch way a lovely old building looks back at you.  We went back to have a couple of drinks before dinner and to my delight they sold Brockmans Gin. It was also just as beautiful inside as it was out. The walls were covered with fantastic photographs and each room was filled with gorgeous chairs and sofas, we felt as snug as bugs as we slipped on our gins and immediately went online to find out how much the rooms were planning how next year we may go for two days and stay in The Grays Hotel. The rooms look incredible! Hello freestanding bath!  See the room details here!


Little Italy was our restaurant of choice, we had the same waitress as the year before and it was amazing just again.  All their pasta homemade and it is divine. I had the lobster and crab ravioli and Tom had the scallop risotto. I did my usual stealing off his plate (super annoying girlfriend habit ) and it was deeeeelishhhhh.

We found a Teepee bar which was warmed by a fire and was equipped with fairy lights, we decided to pop in on our way back to catch our train. This resulted in us running to our train and actually missing it as we ran over the bridge to the wrong platform as the train with “Manchester” lit up on it went underneath us! Resulting in a very late night but it was all part of the adventure.



I already can’t wait to return next year.

Can you recommend any places to visit in the UK? Or maybe let me know where is your go to place to eat in York?


All photos taken by me

Portfolio : rosiebutcher.com

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