"My Name is Rosie and I'm really friendly"



“ooop..  did you hear that guys? She’s really friendly!”

This is one of my favourite memories of how not to make friends. I was 14, with the remainders of a perm as my chosen hair style, on holiday with a friend and we were in the kids club.

I turned to look at Becci who was looking at me in disbelief of how uncool I had already been by just opening my mouth. I looked back at our holiday rep who was winking at me. I looked around me at my potential new friends who were staring blankly back at me. In life I’m pretty straight talking. If I think something, I say it and in that moment I was thinking... I will let everyone know I am really friendly.

12 years later and all you need to know is not much has changed. I’m still friendly, still trying to be cool and still getting blank looks but now working as a Photographer in the city of Manchester. I have started this blog as a way of sharing more content, tips and my life.



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I photograph editorials, look books, bloggers, lifestyle, product photography, fashion photography, portraits and still life.

contact: rosie@rosiebutcher.com