The podcasts getting me through life


Podcasts are something I’ve never really considered. With ample music available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple music, Sound Cloud and all the rest. I’ve never really had the time to listen to a podcast. About 3 years ago I remember being told about Women's Hour, a podcast which women come together and discuss the goings on in the world. At the time I got quite into it, listening to it while I ran around Clapham Common, becoming so engrossed in the conversation, I didn't notice the pain of running or how long i had been running for, which was handy for someone who isn't the type to enjoy a good run.

After I gave up on the running and unable to find any other podcasts that I enjoyed it became a short lived thing of the past and something I swiftly forgot about...

That was until recently I was working on a job where a majority of the time I was working solo. Now I’m all up for enjoying my own company but after a few days I was driving myself crazy with my own thoughts. Welcome podcasts in to my life! I think I saw a tweet or something about a podcast and I thought Id check it out. Low and behold this opened up a whole world of podcasts to me! Diving into a world of like minded people who host interesting interviews, deal with life problems, discuss events in the world and talk about everything I love.

I have since then preached to friends and family about how they NEED to have a listen too. The way I describe it to them is it is essentially like personalised radio stations which you can listen to whenever you want.  Say if you're driving and you turn on radio 1 or xFM or these are great radio stations but they are for a mass amount of people so what is discussed can be not quite for you but you listen anyway. The amazing thing about podcasts is that you can really narrow down a niche that you want to listen to. You can find hosts that you completely get and can invest time listening to them, you can turn your podcast app into the kind of radio you want to hear.

As a warning, all podcasts everyone seems to talk really fast like the recording is sped up slightly- I’m not sure why, but you get used to it.

So here is my list of the podcasts I have found so far which now I don't know how I lived without.

  1. Ctrl alt delete - Emma Gannon has such an incredible way of interviewing people. Her interviews are so insightful and very casual so you feel like you are sat at the table having coffee with her. Emma Interviews people she really admires which you can tell in the tone and passion in her voice, meaning that her guest are always really interesting. After listening I have always learned a lot, feel inspired and found have some new people to follow on twitter. 

  1. The Debrief - Stevie and Tessa become your new BFFs. They’re chatty, funny, witty podcasts leave me chuckling along. Personally I feel like they are an extended part of my friendship group discussing topics similar to what goes on in my girls whatsapp group.

  1. Get it off your breasts. Hosted by Emma Gannon and Lliana Bird- each week they have a new guest and discuss what might be getting on their nerves. They describe their podcast as unfiltered and it most definitely is in a very refreshing way.

  1. The high low- Hosted by @dollyalderton & Pandora Sykes. A mixture of live and studio interviews. Great banter between Dolly and Pandora, I really enjoy listening to them chat away to their selected guests! I also love that they cover recent news stories so I can keep up to date with what is going on in the world and that they also recommend other podcasts, books and series to watch.

  1. Estee La Londe - Who doesn't love her? If you don’t already follow her on instagram, youtube, twitter then why not? Estee’s podcast with single word titles like Strength, Mom, Identity, Travel Estee covers a range of topics, discusses her own experiences and chats with people which help her explore the topics- her podcasts are a perfect extension of her youtube channels.

  1. Fashion no filter - if I am completely honest I wasn’t sold when I first started listening to this podcast as I felt it was a bit to “high fashion industry” for me but I kept listening and ended up loving them. Monica and Camille do actually do what they say, give you an insight into the fashion industry.

  1. Luke and Lucy FM - This podcast is a bit more of a chatty radio show vibe, I would say that I have to be in a certain type of mood to listen to this podcast but when I am I love it. Its an upbeat, chatty, podcast which is great to pop on every now and then.

  1. Rookie - Part of the Rookie magazine which was started by the fashion idol Tavi Gevinson. The pod casts are insightful, interesting and although maybe aimed at a slightly younger market than myself I enjoy the interviews and even the “ask an adult” section at the end of the podcast.

  1. Homo Sapiens. Introduced to this podcast through an interview Emma Gannon did with Will Young. I had a listen and immediately subscribed! Will and Chris are funny and I find their voices super relaxing to listen to. They cover all sorts of topics often covering topics which will appeal to the LGBTQ community.

  1. Women’s hour - Always discussing relevant topics, this podcast is a great way to get different opinions, learn about subjects you might not necessarily know about, celebrity guests and generally well put together. A recommended listen .

  1. My dad wrote a porno - This one is hilarious. Jamie Morton’s dad wrote a porno and with this friends James Cooper and Alice Levine they read it out loud and chat about the plot, characters and storyline.

  1. Keeping it candid. Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton. I love to listen to this one in the gym. I get so involved with their conversation it makes forget what I am doing, meaning I can run for longer. Their casual and chatty conversations leaves me laughing along and I find them so relatable. They cover interesting pop and social culture topics and discuss them between themselves.

And leaving one of the best till last…

  1. The Dan Kennedy Podcast - Brilliant photographer , Dan Kennedy has started his own podcast! Woohooo! Finally a relatable and interesting photography/ creative podcast! With only two episodes this podcast is already one of my favourites. I loved hearing Dan chat to his guest, giving a little insight to their careers in Photography. There is so much you can take away from over hearing these types of conversations and he asks all the questions to them that I wish I could. Very very recommended if you are a photographer/ interested in photography or you are a creative.

Remember all podcasts can be listened to on your phone by going to the “podcast” app on your Iphone and simply search for the podcast title you want to listen to.

If you have any podcasts I haven't listed but you think I would like please tweet me @rosieannbutcher or leave a comment below as I would love to find more.

oh and my dress is from ZARA, incase your interested. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]