The Crown and the women I admire


Model: Emma Lucy Walker . Photography Rosie Butcher

I have been watching the crown and whist I started off watching “Victoria” and wondering when an an earth our Queen Elizabeth was going to appear in it, luckily a friend set me back on track and let me know I was watching the wrong program.


The crown is fantastic. I am enjoying it very much so. I am currently tucked up under the duvet on episode 9 season one. This episode focuses on Winston Churchill's retirement. I’m sorry to say I don’t actually know that much about him (I did actually get an A in History GCSE I will have you know) but I feeling like from what I’ve heard and watching this, the program portrays him excellently. At the moment he is coming across a slightly vulnerable old man, determined till the end.

It also is great to know more about the queen and what she went through. She is so empowering and strong it has given me a new appreciation of her, as much as I’ve always admired her, it has now grown somewhat.


She is such a big part of our country's history. With her reign now stretching over an incredible 65 years and she is still working at age of 91. Even these simple facts make her admirable to me. She is an absolute credit to our country and I am so happy to have her here.


Other parts that I loved that I have found out are:

  • The way she coped with her father's loss
  • The way she took on the country
  • How she loved philip and did everything she could to make him more comfortable with the situation of herself always being put first
  • How difficult she found it to choose the crown over margaret's relationship
  • The way she dealt with “the letter” never letting herself be walked over but in a very classy way
  • Hiring a tutor later on to re study as she could not understand why an earth had not been educated like everyone else.

And with this week belonging to international women's day I would like to also mention a few more admirable women


My mum  - A women whom I have inherited far too many things from. She supports me everyday and is my bestest friend.


My granny - A women admire even more than the queen, she is the gossip queen of our family and we all adore her.


Emma Gannon - An online admiration for this lady. Her interviews and online presence is so positive and inspiring. She is one hell of an entrepreneur


Fiona walker - A writer who has given me an excellent holiday read every year. I don't think there is one of her books I haven't loved.


Emma watson - A women whom I grew up so jealous of. It really should have been me as Hermione! I admire what she has done with her fame, using it to voice an opinion and empower women everywhere.


Georgia Dagnan - One of my oldest friends. This girl is one hell of a strong women and I don't think I know anyone with more courage then her.


Alexa chung - A total style queen, I have googled “Alexa Chung style” for more years then I can remember!


I would love to know which women inspire you?!