How far in to the year is it acceptable to wear a chunky knit?



How far in to the year is it acceptable to wear a chunky knit, because personally... I can't take mine off. We are coming up to this in between stage in the fashion calendart the days are getting warmer, yet my chunky knits are still the first thing I reach for in the morning. They have become a staple in my winter wardrobe and at the moment I can't let them go.

So just how far in to the year can we go until we have to put our jumpers away and start getting out our mid season items. I am already starting to feel like I look too wintery when I step outside in the mornings. I need to move my wardrobe on a season.

As some one who is constantly cold it is so hard for me to remember when it was warm enough to not have to wear multiple layers and a coat or two. Manchester is not the warmest city in the UK and the amount of rain is pretty special, in fact I respect all those who manage to have style in Manchester and avoid looking like a drowned rat on a daily basis.





But can a good knit carry you though the summer too? Remember those chilly nights at a friends BBQ, you have been boiling all day but as soon as the sun goes down the blankets and knitwear comes out. I love the look of some cut off denim shorts with a cream knit thrown on over the top. Its a casual yet cute look which anyone can pull off.

This is one of my most worn jumpers, I love the chunky turtle neck the dark navy and the casual fit. I brought it from H&M about three years ago and wear it everyday in the winter. When you buy a good knit it stays with you through out the years. This one isn't particularly summer friendly so in a few weeks I will have to return it to the wardrobe where it will stay till next winter.




This year one of my resolutions was to do more with my hair. I often just have it down either curly or straight and thats all of my two hair styles. I have slowly ventured in to having plaits, buns, bunches and ponies.

This messy plait is created by sleeping on wet hair, then in the morning adding a few more defined curls using the  babyliss curling wand  which is an absolute dream to use. It's only £24.99 which proves you don't have to spend loads to get a great product!

I then add a bit of back comb with the ever faithful tangle teaser and by back comb I mean really loosely and gently pull up on a few sections of hair. Then swish all your hair to one side and start plating in a Rosie way, basically just a terrible try at a fish tail plait. I keep the plait quite loose and tie up with a small clear bobble which are a savour if you have thin hair and normal bobbles don't tighten enough on your hair. I then pull at either side of the plait all the way up to loosen it even more and make it look a bit bigger and thicker, which also loosens the top.

By this time most of the layers at the front of my hair have fallen forward, I pull a few more out around my ears to try and cover them a bit.

To finish off I pull some of the bit which have fallen out round to the back and pin with a clip. This adds an extra interest to the style and neatens it up... slightly ...