....What an earth was going on I hear you ask? Ever heard of European sharking? Yes apparently its an actual thing. Men in Europe (Not all of them I'm sure) partake in an activity in which they pull down women's trousers/ pants and run off. Its slightly ruder then that but I think you get the point.  There we were, 4 of us. Stood trying to remember the code to get in to our weekend apartment. I saw a man crouching down, I grabbed Becci closer to me and shouted he's mugging us! Becci mean while was trying to push this vile man away from Rachel and work out what was going on, Rachel meanwhile was laughing, thinking it was one of us.

Baralona is a great city, but we found you had to be pretty careful.

School friends. Usually you grow up, slowly loosing touch along the way. People say your lucky if you have 5 good friends. Luckily for me I have 12.  We have managed somehow to stay a tight knit group, which sometimes makes our whats app group a bit of a nightmare. Not going to lie, I have the group on mute. 12 gossipy girls. Leave your phone alone for a moment. Glance back at it and you will have 204 messages.

I often have to find a moment to sit and scroll up, as the messages still roll in.

I sometimes feel because I've always been living away and not at home like I'm missing out on the dinners, the coffees and the dog walks. Thank god for whats app hey. It keeps my girls by my side 24/7.

Nne of them was getting married. Our destination of choice was Barcalona, our outfit of choice was unicorns and although some of us ... rolled our eyes at the thought of dressing up as a unicorn (which did you know is scottlands national animal... yes I know I didn't believe it to and part of me instantly wanted to move to Scotland! ) We had SUCH a good time!! I hope these girls never leave my side. They're bloody brilliant!

Barcalona great quality is that you can have a city break and a beach break all in one. It also has a fabulous cultural side. We did the open bus tour and there was just too much to see, one afternoon was not enough.  It was also great for Natalies hen do, you can have a mix of tack and class.