The look of designer bags with out the price

I have been lucky enough to test drive a few bags of late. I don’t know why but all of a sudden I got a mass of emails offering me a PR gift of a bag, many of whom I had not previously heard of. The more I noticed this the more emails I got, I’m blaming it on the secret. I asked the universe for a new bag and I got more then my fair share ! Thank you. I am a self confessed bag addict - I think they complete an outfit so I was more than happy to accept some of the PR gifts and try them out with many as many different looks.

I wanted to pass on my findings to you because I think it's nice to know that you don’t have to spend thousands on a bag for it to feel designer quality. These bags are all priced between £60 - £300 making them, in my opinion, a more affordable luxury bag.

All these bags I would be happy to buy with my own money/ buy again from the brand which is why I am recommending them.

@ Polene

rosie butcher polene.JPG

Oh my gosh, when it arrived I feel in love instantly. It was beautiful. The only downfall with this bag is that because it is so light in colour, I get scared of staining or marking it, however I am really looking forward to using this bag much more in the summer. It has a magnetic clasp which is super secure and never comes undone when I’m using the bag making it feel secure from pickpockets… something which I always prioritise on a bag. No one wants things to go missing from there bag!  This bag has designer quality.. And I will be treating myself to another one.

@ Radley


Radley was one of the first “above high street”  bags I ever treated myself to. It was my pride and joy, Radley bags are classic. They know what they are doing and that reflects in the high quality they produce. I fell in love with the colour of this bag, it is such a gorgeous shade of red and adds a bit of colour to my more classic looks. Again, with the zip it makes it very pick pocket proof. It's a win for me!

@ Friday by JWP


This bag is a vegan bag which make its better for the environment. Although it's vegan it doesn't lack on quality. I have found that it adds a bit of an edge to my looks, the logo which is in bossed on the front of the bag has a designer quality feel.

The only thing I was slightly unsure about is the colour of the gold hardware. I wish it was slightly more de saturated but that is just personal preference. Next time I think I will go for one of the bags with the strap rather then chain.

@ Estella_Bartlett


This bag is pretty small. The leather is thick so it doesn't make much room for your stuff. However it is a lovely bag, I get lots of compliments on it and the dinosaur keyring is just genius. I love it! It is the perfect bag for a dinner or trip when you don’t want a heavy bag.

@ A cloud official.

Rosie Butcher A cloud.JPG

This retro looking wonder of a bag is just gorgeous.  I have lovedddd using her. She goes with everything so has had so so much use, the only issue is that the colour is wearing off slightly on the back of the bag where it has been rubbing on my belt a bit but apart from that she’s in perfect condition . Again an impressively secure clasp !

@ Caroline Gardner


Oh this bag. What a wonderful bag! It is my equivalent of Mary Poppins bag, I can fit everything in it. I have used it so so much and it still looks as good as new. It is my trusty bag for everyday use. You can also get changeable strapes for it so you can mix and match it depending on your outfit. In all honestly I don’t know what I would do with out this bag.

Again the trusty zip makes it pocket proof.

@ Bimba Y Lola


I received this bag as part of a paid project I did with Bimba just before Christmas. It also comes with a black strap which I don’t use that often. However the actual bag I probably use every other day. It fit everything in it and is perfect for shopping trips where you accidentally buy to much. It is such a soft bag and can be dresses up or down. I love the texture of the bag and the bold text of the logo ! I use it so much that my cousins said they are getting bored of seeing it on my instagram!

There you have it! My favourite bags at the moment - the ones wish made me say WOW as I got them out the box… without the WOW price tag!