A bread, butter, jam breakfast is best


Fed up of Avocado for breakfast? I have an idea.. Walking in the fresh autumn morning, a warm paper bag in my hand. There is something I love and find so humbling about heading out first thing on a Saturday to go and collect a loaf 28hr sour loaf, chocolate croissants and whatever else I cant resist buying for us to try. Its one of my life simple pleasures. Bread butter and Jam is one of my favorite eats but sadly the bread doesn't seem to last any longer the weekend as it is simply irresistible.

I am lucky enough to have Pollen Bakery a short walk away from our apartment so after a morning jog I normally head straight there to get in line for first pick of the weekends bakes.

Pollen has only been open for a couple of months but needless to say they are making a name for themselves already. Located under the arches behind Piccadilly they are a diamond in the rough. In my opinion, they are the best around.

Their bread is made of three ingredients- flour, water and salt. The way bread should be made. Cutting through the tough, thick, chewy crust to reveal the air pocketed white bits is mouth watering. they also have Pollen butter which has the creamiest texture and compliments the bread as it melts and oozes in to the air pockets.

I recommend the 28 hr sour or 5 seeded sour which has a really unique almost toasted taste and you cant leave without a chocolate croissant!

It is amazing, how unlike usual supermarket bread, which I avoid eating due to the horrible tummy aches I get after, I can eat Pollen's bread all day and feel perfectly fine.

Visit there website here to find out more.

Pollen Bakery

Opening Times

Wednesday 8am-6pm Thursday 8am-2pm Friday 8am-6pm Saturday from 9am


Unit 2 Sheffield Street Manchester M1 2ND

Other bakers I rate in Manchester are....

Flour, Water, Salt

Companio Bakery  - Often found in Victoria Station so commuters be sure to check them out!